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how to sharpen hair clippers

In the event that your hair trimmer is simply not trimming your hair the right way after you oil the main blades, well the main blades might be dull. When you begin using very dull trimmers to trim your hair, it pulls at the hair, and furthermore unequal, jagged lines are left during even the most carefully performed haircut.
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When the cutting blades rub up against one another the cutting blades hone the edge, thus Hair trimmers are usually purposely designed to hone them selves. However, to ensure such auto-sharpening effect has whole effects, your razor blade has to be regularly oiled plus wiped down.

Make full use of the following do-it-yourself washing process to protect & pamper your personal cutting blades so that you can retain the haircuts looking sharp.


It is actually important to figure out what exactly is leading to your clippers to get dull before you set out the process to hone the cutting blades. On most occasions, users have simply just not oiled the hair trimmers. It is also a possibility that those hair trimmers are actually left seldom used and started to have rust. In case whichever of these types of problems is actually contributing reasons, just get rid of the two of screws that are controlling that immobile blade in place. Take off the cutting head. Following that, fill a small bowl using isopropyl alcohol, and put the parts in. Make sure every single particular component must be offered a very good rubdown, and additionally all the gunk ought to be wiped away completely.


Step 2 is to carefully wash both of cutting blades in order to remove rust along with all hair which could have been jammed between cutting blades. a tiny bit of iron wool as well as a toothbrush can be enough for this purpose. The trimming surface areas are able to be hurt by whatever coarser or more coarse while this could lead to gaps turning sharpening extremely hard.


Hone your blade by working with a good sharpening stone.  Rub the cutting edge in a single direction over your sharpening stone, just simply the way you would hone your own cutting knife. You could simply complete a couple of swipes against the sharpen stone as best hair trimmers are designed to hone themselves so after these hair clippers become thoroughly clean, the hair clippers should do the job significantly better.


A generous number of machine oil should be placed on the metal. Reattach that outer blade. Switch your clipper on and then allow it to move for not less than 5 minutes. To guarantee appropriate honing behavior occurs, it may be required to set the particular space amongst the cutting blades and also to adjust your unit’s electric power. This will hone your cutting blades.

Well-maintained Clippers not just offer an improved hair cut but they are as well quite hygienic, so it's worth your time and effort to hold hair clippers sharp & completely clean. Try it out in action and then you might realize that the clipper looks like just like brand new.

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